AIOPS 2023

International Workshop, co-organized with ICDM 2023

Shanghai, China, December 01, 2023

DOS TU Berlin

Welcome to AIOPS 2023

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is an emerging field arising at the intersection between the research areas of data mining, machine learning, big data, streaming analytics, and the management of IT operations. The main goal is the analysis of the heterogeneous data exposed by the IT systems in the form of semi-structured text (e.g., system logs, source code), data with temporal and spatial characteristics (e.g., KPI metrics, component dependencies), streams of heterogeneous types, and similar data, to support the objectives such as prevention of SLA violation, early anomaly detection and auto-remediation, energy-efficient system operation, providing optimal QoE to customers, predictive maintenance and many more. Recent advances in intelligent coding are opening up new possibilities for efficiently instrumenting source code while maintaining reliable computing characteristics. We envision that, with the advance of AIOps technologies, and incorporating the scaling, efficiency and security in their design, the IT industry will achieve significant progress and sustained exponential growth.

Following the great success of the last workshops AIOPS 2020 (AIOPS 2020, videos, proceedings), and AIOPS 2021 ( AIOPS 2021, videos, proceedings), this workshop will be held as a part of the premier conference on data mining, ICDM 2023 in Shanghai from 01-04 of December 2023. Notably, the papers are to appear in a separate proceedings ICDMW, which is regarded as a high-quality publications and h-index of 25 as of SJR.

In continuation of the series of our prior successful workshops, we intend to organize the third workshop on artificial intelligence for software development and IT operations. We aim to gather researchers from academia and industry to present their experiences, results, and work in progress in this field. Of particular, but not limited, interest is the proposal of novel and adoption of existing data mining, machine learning and big data techniques for the emerging problems of auto-instrumentation, efficient utilization of open telemetry, techniques for software coding, testing on the fly, and building efficient visualizations. In this regard, our goal is to provide a venue for discussing the challenges in AIOps and create a community roadmap for responding to the most important challenges. To enable a direct and fruitful discussion, we aim for a selected number of publications through a rigorous peer-review procedure from renowned experts in the area. We strongly encourage the authors to adopt the principles of open science and reproducibility to boost research in this emerging area.

Information on Participation

It is our great pleasure to announce that the AIOPS 2023 workshop will be held in a hybrid format. The workshop will be held in Shanghai, China on 01.12.2023 from 14:30 to 18:00 (Beijing time). The in-person attendance will be in the Shanghai World Trade Mall Co., Ltd. 2299 Yan'an Rd (W), Changning District, Shanghai, China, 200051. The appropriate link for the virtual participation will be provided soon. All participants are required to prepare 15 minutes presentations for their papers. There will be 5 minutes for questions and discussion after each presentation. The timeslots for every individual paper can be found under the Program section of this website. The local chair will be Thorsten Wittkopp from the Technical University Berlin, available at For any further inquiries, please contact the organizers at We are very excited and looking forward to this great talk!

Topics of Interest

The focus of the workshop involves, but it is not limited to the following topics:

Important Dates

The focus of the workshop involves, but it is not limited to the following topics:

Submission Details

Authors are invited to submit full or short papers with a maximum length of 10 pages for full papers and 5 pages for short papers, including references and appendices using the IEEE format. All accepted papers will be included in the workshop proceedings published as part of the proceedings of the ICDM conference (ICDMW with h-index of 25). The guidelines can be found at: ICDM conference proceedings guidelines under the section Submission Guidelines. Please note that the review is triple-blind.

Authors must upload their paper as a PDF file via the link provided by the conference, and to be enabled on this web page as well. Papers can be submitted to the following link:

If any problem arises when submitting your paper, please contact

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming workshop. We have strived to create a diverse program and reviewer pool for our workshop, and to share our call for papers widely. However, we also are grateful for suggestions of any individual researchers or research groups who we might have missed.

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